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“After just one session, I felt a big difference. I could tell that things were loosening up and after a few sessions, I wasn’t in pain anymore and I was able to go back to regular workout regimen. I feel like it made me stronger and I was able to do my work out again without feeling any pain and if it ever feels like it’s going to go out again, I know I can get it fixed immediately”

Tina Lynerd

"The first time I went to an iHeal session with Gavin, I felt very different. It wasn’t until I played tennis later that day until I realized how great my legs felt. I have dealt with chronic pain from numerous injuries I have sustained as a college soccer player. I have had ACL reconstruction and shoulder reconstruction. After iHeal, I have gotten back to some things that I was unable to do such as jogging and playing soccer. The problems I was having were not while I was involved in the activities, but it was the pain in the days or weeks following that made me avoid some of the things that I love to do. My job requires me to be extremely active which made me avoid certain activities even more. As a result of working with Gavin, I have a new feeling of strength and I’m trying more activities with less caution than I was prior to iHeal."

Mark Housel

“I feel that if it wasn’t for I Heal, I may not have my daughter right now. I can only imagine like if I didn’t have I Heal what could have happened.”

Lisa Martusus